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Monday, March 21, 2011


Take a look at the faces of the people on the cover of this book. In doing so, you are looking at the scum of the earth. They are Skylar and Jennifer Henderson Deleon. They murdered two people by tying them to an anchor and throwing it over the side of the boat. Tom and Jackie Hawks lost their lives because the Deleons wanted their yacht, the “Well Deserved” but could not pay for it, so Skylar and his henchmen (one of them named John F. Kennedy) coldly and callously killed Mr. and Mrs. Hawks.

Skylar was a former child actor whose big claim to fame was an extra in “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” television series a time or two. Things went wrong somewhere along the line for him, career-wise, and so he winds up becoming a disgraced ex-Marine, a low-level drug dealer and finally a murderer.

Jennifer was a spoiled brat who became a control freak and, according to evidence and testimony presented, orchestrated the murders.

Skylar was given the death penalty and Jennifer was sentenced to life without parole. No one expects either of them to win their pending appeals.

Even from Death Row, Skylar is looking to have sexual reassignment surgery. He’s probably just tired of other inmates rolling him over and taping pictures of Kim Kardashian to his back to help with the fantasy.

We should be hoping that hell is being kept hot for these two douchebags. Roast in peace, Skylar and Jennifer.