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Saturday, October 16, 2010


No he wasn’t. Not even close.

Interesting book anyway, but more proof that anyone can claim to remember anything – but that does not make it true.

Don’t know who should be more embarrassed – Janice Knowlton for not being believable, the reading public in general for having been ripped-off, or Michael Newton (one of our best crime writers) for being suckered into shaping this story into a book.


  1. You're one heck of a detective, aren't you?

    Janice Knowlton committed suicide back in 2004 because she couldn't escape all the horrible things that had been done to her when they finally came flooding back.

    You're the one who should be embarrassed...

  2. Nope, not embarrassed. Even one little bit.

    First, genius, get ALL your facts correct before you post messages, hateful or otherwise. I never claimed to be a detective; what idiotic hat did you pull THAT out of?

    Second, as tragic as it is that ANYONE would commit suicide for whatever reason, it does not change the fact that when her story unraveled, so did her credibility. Therefore her contention that "..horrible things had been done to her" doesn't cut any ice with me because of the concocted Black Dahlia connection.

    So, Neon Muslimah, whoever or whatever you are, do yourself and everyone else a favor: take your meds, go lay down for a while and get it together. Good luck with that....