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Sunday, August 21, 2011


The newest true crime thriller from M. William Phelps, who has become one of the most important and prolific chroniclers of our time.

If you watch Investigation Discovery Channel or any of a number of other stations featuring true crime shows, you've probably seen Mr. Phelps being interviewed or otherwise providing commentary. In the back of TOO YOUNG TO KILL, it was announced that he will have his own series on ID next year. It is to be called KILLER INSTINCTS. Watch for it and set your Tivos.

TOO YOUNG TO KILL is about a fatal falling out between two teenage girls, former friends, one of whom kills the other. As always, Mr. Phelps tells the story in a precise, suspense-building fashion that makes it hard to put down (unless, like me, you've been on pain meds recently and can't read more than 3 or 4 chapters before the drowsiness kicks in). Otherwise you may have a couple of all-nighters ahead of you with this book.

TOO YOUNG TO KILL is well worth checking out. If you don't believe me, look to the book's cover for a quote from the legendary Vincent Bugliosi.

Please check out the Facebook site, "M. William Phelps Fan Club". It's run by a nice lady, E.S. She does a great job of keeping the page up to date and there are constant postings from members there.

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